About Donie

My name is Donal Conway  (Donie). I am Married with four Sons and one Daughter.

I have worked in the retail trade for about 38 years, I started as an apprentice at 15 years of age educated myself throughout all of those working years always moving onwards and upwards.

I played Soccer for Cliffony Celtic and I was one of the founder members of Cliffony Celtic, I also played on the Grocers Soccer team in the McAuther cup which was a Sligo Leitrim cup competitions for Firms/Companies in Sligo.      

I have worked in many counties of Ireland starting with my home town of Sligo at first, Belfast for a short time during the troubles, Boyle Co Roscommon, Monaghan Town, Ballyshannon, Dublin and Galway and then  Letterkenny for 14 years, it was in Letterkenny Donegal that I had my most enjoyable years, I played a lot of Soccer in the Donegal League including Dunfanaghy where I was club Captain for two years and I played in many various summer cups competitions throughout the county of Donegal. 

In Letterkenny I was a member of the Letterkenny International Folk festival a festival that would take place every August, there I was Chairman of the then Ballyraine Hotel sub committee now the Mount Errigal Hotel. I met many famous people like the Spinners group from Liverpool,  The Spinners and Julie Felix a famous folk singer,  from Santa Barbara, California) born in 1938, and of course Clannad won a competition at the Festival one year as did Pumpkinhead from Sligo & the USA in 1974  with the very harmonious and vocal members of Thom & Kathy Moore, Sandi & Rick Epping.

During the last 15 years I got to know and work with computers, Installing them and software into a shop for scanning purposes,   I ran this shop for 13 years. I got to like working with the computers and trying out and mastering all kinds of software was challenging and rewarding for me.

When I finished in the retail trade I took classes and courses in Health & Safety, Communications, Management skills programme+ practical office work in research & Development for the Tourism trade, also I have done the ECDL module, and finally I completed an IT and computers course. all of those were FETAC courses and I achieved certs of Distinction, Merits and Passes for those completed modules. 

I started this blog after doing a short course on the social media and the efficient use of internet Browsers. I have bloged every day since the middle of May 2011. Mainly on telling everyday news issues and stories and giving my slant things and concerns that catch my eye and  probably  your’s. 

Some of my issues now are ones that concern most people like the erosion and abuse of our environment,  Health issues, Under developed and under funded North-West Tourism, North-West of Ireland Sport of all kinds, and the growth and positive use of Technology that is available to us today. How things work from a needle to a rocket in space, and the new discoveries of Science today and things about us that we did not know about and what make us the people we are today.

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