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Friday 13th September 2013

Majella O’Donnell gets standing ovation as her head is shaved live on TV for Irish Cancer charity

13/9/13 Majella O'Donnell (wife of Daniel O'Donnell), who is getting treatment for breast cancer, at the Late Late show to have her hair shaved to raise awareness for cancer. Picture:Arthur Carron/Collins  13/9/13 Majella O'Donnell (wife of Daniel O'Donnell), who is getting treatment for breast cancer, at the Late Late show to have her hair shaved to raise awareness for cancer. Picture:Arthur Carron/Collins  Before with Ryan                           En-During the head shaving

         New style after the shaving experience and with husband Daniel O’Donnell

Majella ODonnell, businesswoman and wife of singer Daniel ODonnell is pictured as she has her head of hair shaved live on RTEs Late Late show with Ryan Tubridy.

The website of the Irish Cancer Society crashed last night after Majella O’Donnell had her head shaved live on the Late Late Show for the charity.
“The flood of goodwill after Majella on the Late Late Show has crashed our text and website,” the charity said last night.

“We’re working to resolve it, please bear with us.”
The businesswoman and wife of singer Daniel got a standing ovation on the show after she shaved her head for the charity live on the show.
“Am I better bald,” she joked to host Ryan Tubridy after she looked at herself in the mirror after having her head shaved.

Majella added that she has just started chemotherapy.

She also revealed how she can’t pray for herself because it makes her think too much.
“I can’t pray for myself because I can’t think about it that much. I can’t sit down and say ‘God help me’ becuase I don’t feel that I need help. I can’t explain it and if it was a friend of mine diagnosed with cancer I’d be praying for them but I can’t seem to do it for myself.

“I know that so many people are praying for me and that amount of power creates power.
“I’m only speaking for myself…I don’t feel sick,” she told Ryan Tubridy on the Late Late Show as she explained that feeling good might not last.

Earlier she had said she would be too afraid to look but then defied her fears.
“I’m only here to raise awareness and funds for the Irish Cancer Society and I don’t need attention in this arena for this kind of thing.”
She explained that she had discussed how to raise cancer awareness with her husband.

“Having spoken to Daniel, we agreed that we would like to use this as an opportunity to raise awareness and funds. We were both delighted when The Late Late Show and Ryan agreed to facilitate our request.”
She added that the aim is to raise as much money as possible. “I would love it if anyone who would like to contribute to this most worthwhile cause, could start donating today”

People can donate to Majella’s Pink Appeal for the Irish Cancer Society, text ‘Pink’ to 50300 to donate €4 or CallSave 1850 60 60 60 to make a donation.”
John McCormack, chief executive of the Irish Cancer Society said: “Majella is extremely brave to take the huge step of shaving her hair on national television.”

He added: “Losing your hair to cancer treatment can be a devastating time for many women, as can proactively shaving your hair.
“The Irish Cancer Society fully support Majella and I personally commend her for bringing light onto such a painful time in her life, in doing this Majella will help other people out there now with breast cancer know that they are not going through this alone.”

The Society is 95pc funded by the general public, receiving less than 5pc government funding.

HSE criticised over HSE mental health funding 


A cross-party group of TDs and senators has criticised the HSE for not fully utilising the €35m in funds allocated to the country’s mental health services in last year’s Budget.

The Cross-Party Oireachtas Group on Mental Health said it was “not good enough” for the HSE to continue diverting funds from mental health services into other areas.

“When we pass a Budget we mean it, and the HSE should not try to make up its own policy,” said Fianna Fail TD Simon Harris (pictured).

“If there is €35m ring-fenced for mental health services, it’s not good enough for the HSE to do as it wishes with those funds.”

The Government’s policy on mental health recommended a move from hospital care to community-based care. It established community mental health teams of psychologists, occupational therapists and social workers who work alongside doctors to support people with mental health difficulties.

“Disappointing” delays in 2012 meant only 58 of the 414 staff promised to these teams were recruited and the group hopes such delays will not be repeated this year.

“They say they are going to spend the money, but we’re asking them to spend it in the time frame allocated, as soon as it’s allocated by the Oireachtas,” said Deputy Harris.

A HSE spokesperson said: “Of 414 posts allocated in 2012, the recruitment process is complete for 376 posts as at August 26, 2013. There are a further 21 posts accepted with clearances being processed.”

AirBnB chooses Dublin as European Headquarters, here comes the 2% Tax deal?


It would have been almost criminal if AirBnB hadn’t chosen somewhere in Ireland to be its European headquarters: arguably, given what we know about the tax advantages of doing so, possibly getting close to a breach of the fiduciary duty to shareholders.

The reason the company actually gives is interesting:

Chief executive Brian Chesky said in a blog post that the company would set up its European headquarters in Dublin because it was an emerging technology hub and had a tradition of hospitality.

“Dublin is known the world over for its warm welcome. The city has a reputation for being one of the most hospitable and friendliest places in the world,” Chesky said.